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Meitin enerkia means 'Our energy' in Finnish, actually in a dialect spoken around Asikkala some decades ago. Meitin enerkia wants to promote - besides all the local dialects - sustainability and particularly renewable energies, energy efficiency and mass transportation.

This tiny office started in spring 2014 selling PV stuff and systems mostly in Asikkala. An old thought of operating local bus lines, where a cutter had spoken, became reality for Nordic World Ski Championships 2017 in Lahti. The bus was bought well-served in preceding autumn and immediately converted into dualfuel, meaning a combination of conventional diesel engine and compressed gas.

The aim of putting efforts into an old car etc: to make bio methane better known with intention of seeing an operating biogas plant in the neighbourhood within some years and to keep the level of service of public transportation around here somewhat tolerable, to not let people to forget how to use buses.

The operation takes place mostly in summertime. Welcome onboard! The timetable is only in Finnish but feel free to call Heikki, the one operating and driving, for guidance. Or just find your way nearby the route and stop a white small Iveco bus with green text "Olen biokaasubussi!" (I'm a biogas bus!)!

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